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Elements of Design Search


Use magazines from home or in class and find examples of designs or illustrations (not photos) that show the Elements of Design. This will help you get an idea of what professionals have done, and collect ideas for your projects.

Explanation of the elements can be found in the following resources:

The Graphics Website:  http://kitsilanographics.ca/samples-help/ Graphic Design Elements

Or a variety of videos on youtube – or just google them


Find one example for each of the following:
– uses the rule of thirds
– emphasizes shape
– uses leading lines to direct the viewer’s eye
– shows asymmetrical balance
– shows pattern
– shows symmetrical balance
– shows texture
– uses strong contrasts

Use Designs and not PHOTOS, so ads are good places to start.
Advertising photos that have been photoshopped to add more content could work as designs!
Remember: most photos will have several elements, but you are looking for your element to be dominant.
Do not use images depicting smoking, drinking or other illegal activity.
Mount the Magazine pictures on white paper and label each one.
à For each image / design explain where you see the Element of Design.

KEY CRITERIA: Good images, descriptions of effects, nice presentation
CHALLENGE: Make a title page and join everything together.
The Elements
Gallery of Sample Photos