Key Criteria for ALL assignments:

  • Spend no more then 1 class looing for images – or you will run out of time!
  • Consistent design, font and colour scheme in all parts of project
  • Include your own designs and add creative aspects – UPC codes, trademarks, etc.
  • Make a sketch and get it approved before you start:


Create a Calendar for next year that has a consistent theme.

This is a great chance to include your own photography or art, and they can also make a great present!

  1. Create your calendar – there is a template ready for you to use!
  2. Add at least 10 dates and events to your Calendar
  3. Customize the paragraph style used to make your calendar unique
  4. Do something creative (collage, message, etc) with the blank center page


Create Unique Content. Write your own copy, take your own photographs, create your own designs. List what content you created yourself to earn the top marks.

Video Explanation

Gallery of Samples