CD Cover



Key Criteria for ALL assignments:

  • Spend no more then 1 class looing for images – or you will run out of time!
  • Consistent design, font and colour scheme in all parts of project
  • Include your own designs and add creative aspects – UPC codes, trademarks, etc.
  • Make a sketch and get it approved before you start:


You can use an existing CD Cover as a starting point, then modify it for effect.

You are not just creating the cover, but the whole booklet (minimum 4 sides) PLUS back of case.

  1. There is a Template available for this assignment
  2. Artist Profile or ‘making of the CD’ (real or made up) 50-100 words
  3. Playlist (10 track minimum)
  4. Make sure that the images and designs you use all work together and represent the mood and style of the music. 
  5. Create your Booklet & Back of Jewel Case (5 Sides Total) Use the additional 4 pages if you use lost of photos


Create Unique Content. Write your own copy, take your own photographs, create your own designs. List what content you created yourself to earn the top marks. For example, you could create a compilation CD, and if you need to take photographs to create a cover, do what is needed to get the image.  Write poems to include in your greeting cards, or make small graphic designs elements as extras.

 List what is uniquely yours

Gallery of Samples