Line Art



This assignment teaches you how to take a drawn image or photo and turn it into an image that can be silkscreened onto a T-Shirt.
You will take images, convert them to line art, using three different methods in Photoshop, and then take the best version into Illustrator to trace and colour!


• Find ONE photograph with good contrast and a very neutral background.
• Open the file with Photoshop and duplicate your background layer 3 times
• Duplicate layers by dragging them onto the paper icon at the bottom of the layers tab
• Follow the instructions to create line art – remember to use a different layer for each method!
– Threshold Only
– Smart Blur (possibly with Threshold) – on new layer!
– Find Edges (possibly with Threshold) – on new layer!
– Pick your best line art version, make sure it is the only visible layer and save your file.
• Import your image into Illustrator and live trace and live paint your object
• Separate your colours into separate layers. Use either Illustrator or Photoshop for this.
• Re-open your first Photoshop file, as well as the one you just exported, and combine them
– Do this by holding the shift while dragging the layers from one image to the other.
• See the sample Photoshop file to see a completed project.
• You should have at least 6 layers: Original, three conversions and the colour layers.


your Photoshop file with 6+ layers


3 Photoshop Tasks, Illustrator Trace, Paint and separation


Draw a good still life pencil sketch, (fruits, flowers, etc.) – make sure you have strong outlines!
Scan it into the computer as a Grayscale image
Save the image as a JPG
Repeat the above steps with your sketch (It might be the best version to use in ‘live trace’ – try it….)

How to Video

PDF Guide

Gallery of Samples