NL Portraits



You can do this using the same window in different weather conditions and different times of day. If you do this with the same subject, that will make for an interesting set of photos!

If the weather is beautiful outside, and you are able to take photos in both bright sunshine and shade, it’s a great time to take photos! Experiment with different angles of light by changing your position to the sun, take along a white shirt, or large piece of paper to use as a reflector, and also use the diffused light of shade to get different results. The greatest challenge will be to get good facial expressions in you shots, and keep your subject willing, while you experiment!


– Camera is turned (you are taking portraits NOT landscapes!)
– Your photos should be Faces only or at most head and shoulders
– If you and your subject are too shy, make sure to use a zoom lens
– Keep your background blurred (use a long lens, stay close and use large apertures f1.8-f3.2)


Take at least 20 GOOD IMAGES, with a variety of poses / expressions consisting of:
5 Images taken in the Shade to show soft, diffuse lighting (good for skin tone)
5 Images taken with strong side lighting (brings out the facial features)
5 Images taken with strong side lighting plus a reflector (will soften the shadows)
5 Images taken in direct sun, with the subject looking to the side (means no visible shadows)
SUBMIT (As an InDesign file or Blog Post)
Your Files should have 4 pages / Sections – one for each lighting setup
Make your best image larger, so it stands out.
Answers these two questions
1. Which type of lighting do you think worked best and why?
2. Which of your portraits do you like best and why?


all photos with correct lighting, questions answered, backgrounds blurred


Take many more images, as NO bad shots are acceptable when you are shooting digital in nice weather!

For full marks, make sure to use a few different locations and/or different subjects!

Tips Video

Gallery of Samples