Silk Intro


BASICS: Create a paper silk screen stencil and print it.

TASK: Read the instruction booklet and answer the questions. Then create your print and clean up
TOP TEN: How complex can you make your image?


Read the booklet and answer all questions. If something does not make sense, check with your teacher!

Paper Method
1. What is the easiest method of creating a Silk Screen Stencil?
2. Do you tape the paper stencil the screen? Explain!
3. What is the difference between a Flood and a Print Stroke?
4. When done printing on paper, what do you do BEFORE you wash your screen?
Photo Emulsion Method
5. Name three pieces of equipment needed to create a stencil in the Photo Emulsion Method
6. What does the UV light do to the emulsion?
7. Why do you wait 2 minutes before washing out your image?
8. What are registration marks?
9. How can you use one screen to print multiple colours?
10. Why are Flood and Print strokes done in the same direction when printing T-Shirts?
11. What two things do you use to clean the Plastisol ink off your screen?
12. At what point do you use water to clean the screen?
Bonus: (Screen Filler Method / used for touch-ups)
13. What do you need to remove Screen Filler from the screen? Checked: ______________


1. Prepare a screen for printing, following the procedures you have learned.
2. Create a simple image, trace it and cut it out of a large sheet of paper. HAVE IT APPROVED ______
Thicker, glossy paper will stop the ink from running, but use ink sparingly in any case.
3. Make a series of prints using your template, until you have 4 consistent prints.
Ensure you have sharp edges, no marks and even ink distribution.
4. CLEAN UP your station and clean screen back to its original condition Checked: ______________
5. Attach the 4 good prints and original Image to this page for marking


Questions complete, prints have sharp edges and even colours, no marks – be neat!

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