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SELL YOUR HOME – Real Estate Listing


Interior photos of a House or Apartment pose a real challenge. How can you capture the feel for the place, without making it look crowded or cramped? What are the selling features, what would you NOT want to include? Take a sequence of photos that document where you live. For inspiration, check out some MLS listings online and see what they include.

  • 10 Images that ‘sell’ your place – complete with the feature we are looking at.
  • Also add 5 images you would ‘not’ want on-line (or things you’d want to ‘hide’ when listing)
  • Assemble the whole thing into a one page ‘listing’ adding captions that explain what is in the photo.
  • HINTS / TIPS / Questions you need to ask yourself:
    •  If your place is small, borrow a camera with a very wide angle.
    • What does it mean if a listing only shows the outside of the building and the parking stall?
    • Why do some listings only show the amenities (pool, club) and the view?
    • What can you do to ‘prep’ or ‘stage’ the image (Your mom will love you for cleaning up!)
    • What do you want to show of the inside, what of the outside
    • When taking photos, try to use both light from outside and extra lights inside
      • Use extra desk lamps to light up dark corners
      • Place lights under / behind furniture to give the room depth
    • Try not to have any people in your photos.
    • If you REALLY don’t want to use your own place, talk a friend into letting you use theirs!
  • Professional look, photos show good and bad, lighting and staging well done
  • Short paragraph outlining the ‘features’ of your listing.
    •  Read a few listings on to get the idea of what you should (and should not) say.
Gallery of Samples