Phone Edits

Edit Images on your Phone



Find a tutorial for your phone (or OS)
Follow tutorial to edit FIVE photos in at least TWO ways.
SUBMIT: You images placed in your blog or website (Which you will create next)

1st choose your top 5 photos, add into a folder you will create called 1st Edit
-These could be from the last few days, or from your camera roll

Once 5 photos are in the album, go to the album, log onto the computer, go to youtube
Type: phone model, photo editing tutorial.
Example: iPhone 11 photo editing tutorial

Follow along on the YouTube tutorial – pause as you try the different tasks

You will need to duplicate your original photos to edit the duplicates with purpose.
Show two edits for each of your choses photos

Here some ideas (this will depend on the features of your phone)
– DO NOT use preset filters more than once – you need to be able to explain how you got your results!

Exposure and Brilliance
Highlights and Shadows
Contrast, Brightness and Black Point
Saturation and Vibrance
Warmth and Tint
Sharpness and Definition
Noise Reduction and Vignette
Auto Adjust/Enhance Photos
How to edit Live Photos
How to add Filters to photos
Resize, Straighten and Flip Photos
Crop a photo for Rule of thirds
Flip a photo (mirror the image)
Draw on photos
Add text to a photo

Gallery of Samples