Create a recipe / cook book that looks professional. Depending on how you go about it, points will come from various sources. Make the recipes and take your own photos, or collect your favorites. The format will determine the marking scheme.


You should have at least 20 recipes, more if you are just ‘collecting’.
There are many sites on the web with cooking in¬structions.
Make sure there is a consistent theme or category for all your entries.
You could also do this as a group project, with each member doing a different section.

  1. Describe the target audience and theme around your choices.
  2. Make some rough sketches of your page layout and have them approved.
  3. Create your Book,
    • Minimum of 16 Photos over
    • at least 4 pages and
    • 32 steps  / instructions.

– Choose any category / theme you like – but make it look real!
– Make sure there is consistency in Design throughout the book and that it matches your planning criteria.
– If doing this in a group, ensure there is consistency in design across all sections.
– Download images or take your own photos.


Create as much of the book yourself, take your own photos, cook your own recipes. EXPLAIN WHAT YOU DID IN WRITTEN DETAIL

Sample Cookbook