How it works: Actors and scenes are cut out of paper, moved and photographed frame-by-frame.
Examples are: Monty Python and South Park,
On Computer: Many computer based animations now use this style, as it is easy to make the objects.
Supplies: Construction paper, Colour pencils/pens, Scissors, Glue, Digital camera, Tripod


Creating your Materials:
1. Think of a story and create a Storyboard
2. Get suggestions and have your story approved
3. Make your main Characters:
a. Each partner must have at least one character which has joints.
b. Sketch on construction paper the parts of your character (ie. arms, legs, head, etc.)
c. Cut out the pieces of your character.
d. Glue ONLY those pieces that will NOT move individually.
e. For extra strength use a thicker layer of paper under your colour sheet.
4. Create other figures and objects as necessary
5. Use your coloured pencils or pens to draw in details on your characters (ie. face)
6. Draw a simple background on your construction paper using your own colored pens or pencils.
7. For a more detailed look, cut out designs or patterns and glue them on to a solid piece for a background.
Keep it simple (limit the amount of details),
Sketch your characters out first. Design an eye catching background. Be creative.
Shooting & Animating:
1. Use one of the wooden stands available in the room, and attach the camera using a bracket
2. Arrange your characters
3. Shoot one frame
4. Move your characters slightly (1/4 inch at the most) – be careful not to move the background.
– Works best if one person holds the camera, another one or two move the characters
5. Take the next picture, move your ‘actors’ and take another
6. Characters MUST interact with each other in a NON-VIOLENT way.
7. When all photos are taken, load photos on the computer.
8. Use Animator to load your photos and insert pauses, etc!
TIP: If you want to repeat frames or scenes, keep them in separate folders
– Repeated scenes have to be imported as many times as you want them to repeat.
– Repeated frames can be set by the software – no need to re-import them


Individual characters, storyboards, Backgrounds, Smooth Movement, Complexity


Add Sound. Complete your animation and record a sound file as it plays, then combine files in Moviemaker.

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