PS Adjustments

Working with Adjustment Layers and Selections

Figure out how to work with Photoshop, and why you might want to make the effort to learn it! Unlike on your phone, these PS adjustment layers can be modified later and are non-destructive, so see if you can reproduce some of your Phone Edits from the last assignment in PS


– Learn to use adjustment layers and masks in photoshop to improve your images
– Select at least THREE images you have taken so far and make them better
– Save both the Original and TWO edited files as JPG or PNG files, so you can post them on your Site
– Submit all three images

Some things you might want to do
• Changes in Exposure (Brighter and Darker images)
• Changes in Colour Balance and Hue/Saturation to bring out the best of the image
• Apply different effects to different parts of you images, by masking these first

SUBMIT/POST: Your original and edited images
Grade 9: Explain what you changed
Grade 10: Add what you tried to achieve to the above
Grade 11: Also get feedback from a classmate on the effectiveness your choices’
Grade 12: Reflect on the criticism and add what you could have done better / different

How to Video:
Start at 1:40

Gallery of Samples

Yours could be here….