3D Blender


Learn the basics of how to model and animate in 3D, using Blender. You won’t have time to complete a complex animation, but should get a basic understanding of how 3D animation works.


Step 1 – Orientation / Training (Take up to 12 classes to learn and practice)
• Choose a set of Blender Tutorials to work through (Street or Donut)
• Follow along and try or complete the steps demonstrated, and learn all the tools.

Step 2 – Building: (Spend 5 Classes creating your objects)
• Using what you have learned from the tutorials, build some simple shapes and/or objects
• Make sure to use your name (or initials) as part of your objects
• Use a variety of colours and textures, if you have figured out how to apply them.
• Be able to demonstrate which elements you created, and which were taken from web resources.
• Set up the lighting for your scene

Step 3 – Animate: (Spend 5 Classes animating your objects)
• Using the timeline, create a short animation with the objects you have created
• Incorporate bounces or impacts between characters
• Make sure your movement is fluid and makes sense
• Move in 3D – don’t just stay in a line
• Remember the physics of movement – impacts and rebounds should make sense.
• Try to move your camera angle as you animate.

Step 4 – Preview and Render:
• Show the completed animation as well as the rendered file to your instructor for grading.


complexity of shapes, name used, steady smooth movement, impacts make sense (3D), change in angles of view


Add interaction of multiple moving shapes and/or distortion of shapes as they move. You can find lots of other tutorial online

Gallery of Samples