Lip Synch

LIPSYNCH – Creating an exposure sheet in LIP SYNCH PRO


Create an animation with a synchronized voice track, using LIP SYNCH PRO software.


1. Record a phrase using windows sound recorder (you need a .WAV file)
– You have to have at least 12 syllables (example: ‘I say: you do a good job, you get a good mark’)
2. Load your sound file into LSP
3. Match the mouth shapes to your phrase – keep going, until the result looks realistic
4. When done, show your instructor for marking (or suggested improvements)
à You now have an exposure sheet that you will use to make your lip-synch scene
5. Create images for each shape you need (take a photo of yourself, draw in Illustrator or in Photoshop)
6. Import the correct sequence into Animator, attach sound file and create avi, OR use SMP with Rotoscope


length, spoken clearly, matching makes sense in Magpie, Final animation works


Add Use mouth shapes you created on your own, not just the LSP images

How to Video

Record the Phrase

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