Think of a theme for a series of Photographs. The Theme should have some meaning for you.

Themes could be things such as ‘Hands’ or ‘water’, ‘doors’, ‘chairs’, ‘windows’ or any other object action could also be a theme. – Stay away from the obvious (‘locks’, ‘shoes’…) or the inane (‘girls’,‘butts’….)


  • Decide on a theme and make a list of ideas that could work with your theme
  • Where / when can you take the photos.
  • Are you trying for a common look, or a variety of looks with the same subject? Explain.
  • Get your theme approved and also get extra suggestions.
  • Shoot at least 40 pictures using a variety of lighting effects, both natural and artificial.
  • Post on your Blog or make a thumbnail page in InDesign of ALL the images.
  • Select the best 5 or images and make them larger.
  • Give each photo a title, captions or other texts that explain the subject matter or enlighten the viewer

KEY CRITERIA: Theme and photo ideas approved, 40 good photos, presentation with explanation on 5 best

EXTENDING: Create an image by using the photos you shot in some creative way. Make a new image, create a collage that has a representative shape, or go abstract – the way you combine the images should reflect the theme you have chosen

Video Explanation
Photoshop Video


  • Purchase and/or Roll film to take at least 24 photos
  • Print at least 10 of your images – you can use 8×10 if you want to add these to your portfolio
  • Present in some creative way, by mounting images in a book or in frames
  • Add labels and titles that explain the subject matter or enlighten the viewer
Gallery of Samples