Social Action



You face social issued everyday. You might not talk about them, but they are there: At School, in the community, in the your family, or those of friends. In this project you will take on one of these issues, try to understand it, represent it (or a solution) and share it with others.
Finished Posters will be displayed around the school.


You can pick a topic from the choices below, or choose your own:
Violence Poverty Bullying Eating Disorders
Racism War Drugs Mental Health
Discrimination Crime Recycling Ecology (Environment)
Smoking Education Your choice – please get it OK’d


How do you want to present your topic in an advertisement or banner ad / billboard?
How can you have impact on others to act on these issues / topics?
How will the text / logo / slogan / images influence and represent your topic?


Text: At least a Headline and slogan, or several captions / key points
Size: 15 x 22 or 20 x 30”, horizontal or vertical. (That’s a minimum of 4 sheets of paper)
Media: On the Computer, using any software you need
Layout: Use Elements of Design, including the Golden Ratio / Rule of 1/3 when designing.

Poster has to have a mood and feel that is appropriate to the subject matter, and be meaningful

  1. PLAN
    • Choose a topic, find some images and decide on your concept.
    • Make a sketch with some ideas
    • Write a short paragraph, what impact do you want your poster to have?
    • Get this approved before you start the poster!
  2. . Create your poster
    • Make sure there is impact to your message
    • Use multiple images and text to get your point across
    • Have a clear headline / title, etc to draw in your audience
    • Include your name in a © notice at the edge of your design
  3. Submit your completed poster, along with extra source files in one folder
    • Make sure the folder uses your name and block as part of the file name

Planning, Unique, Complex, Communicates message


– Create multiple versions of your poster, by changing image cropping, fonts and other details. Submit 3 completed versions

Gallery of Samples