Presentation – CAREERS IN GRAPHIC ARTS  (@2Assignments)                                           

Pick a career path in Graphic Design, then explain to the class how to get on that path and where it can take you. Your presentation should show research, options and results, while being short and concise. Anything more than 4 Minutes is too long. Make sure to prepare some visuals that go with your presentations and prepare presentation slides.

You CAN work with a partner, but each person must hand in their own research, and both the research and presentation should reflect an effort by each partner.

Assignment #4: Research


  1. Check out some Graphic Design Employment areas:
    • Publishing, Advertising, Web Design, Interior Design, Entertainment, PR – can you think of others? 
    • You could use MyBlueprint to get some information for this project!

Research a bit about your chosen path and answer these questions:

  • What is the Path?
  • What type of training / skills do you need?
  • What kind of work would you mostly do?
  • Is there a Professional Association or Certification for this specialty?
  • What are the Job Futures for this employment area?

Why did you choose to research this specialty?

  1. Get some feedback from at least TWO Classmates:
    1. What information surprised you?
    2. WhatInformation do you feel is missing / could be improved on?
  2. Incorporate feedback from steps 3 and show to your teacher and get approval BEFORE start making slides.
Assignment #5: Presentation


  • Create a set of slides that explain your research
    • PowerPoint, Prezi or such. If you are shy about presenting, you can record as video or voice-over.
    • Include
      Infographics that present your research visually.
    • If you include your text, follow the 3×5 rule (3 bullets with no more than 5 words each)
    • In a separate file:
      • Include speaking notes for each slide.
      • Include a bibliography or list sources links. (You can use bibme if you like)
  • Make sure to incorporate all points from #2 and #3 above
  • Present – Time will be set and posted on the White Board.