First Film



Have fun with the camera and learn how to process and print the pictures. REMEMBER: BE CREATIVE!
You can use the photos taken in this assignment for later assignments, but mostly it is so you learn how to use the equipment!


• Take at least 12 Photos.
• No pictures inside the Classroom and no two pictures of the same subject
• You have to finish the roll of film in one class!
• DEVELOP YOUR FILM – Keep your Film canister for the next assignments!
• Print a CONTACT SHEET and at least 4 IMAGES
• MOUNT them neatly on paper, label them, include your name and block and submit.
• Keep ALL prints you make, as even not so good ones can be used later!

Shot list:

1. One picture of your name card (Taken in the Classroom)
2. Something Old
3. Something New
4. An object in an unusual place (Where it does not belong)
5. A close-up shot of something that has a lot of texture
6. A shot through a window or door to the inside (you should see the frame and inside)
7. A shot through a window or door to the outside (you should see the frame and outside)
8. A picture of your favorite place in Kitsilano
9. A photo of all the things in your pocket or bag, shot NOT in the classroom!
10. TWO pictures of a persons face (The face should fill your view finder)


Good film, Clear contact sheet and 4 good prints

How to Videos
After taking photos

Gallery of Samples