Famous Photographers – Presentation

Pick a famous photographer whose photos you like and think you could try to emulate. Then do a bit of research about them which you will present to the class (2 minutes max). Finally create some images that are shot in the same style as your pick and show them to the class as part of your presentation. The number of photos should depend on the style and complexity of the photos taken. But is should involve planning, time and effort on your part!
You CAN work with a partner, but each person must hand in their own photos, and both the research and actual photos should reflect an effort by each partner.


1. Check out some Photographers and find one whom you want to use as inspiration. Get your choice Approved (so we avoid duplicates)

2. Research a bit about the Photographer and answer these questions:
– Name
– Active when?
– Active where?
– What kind of Photography are they mostly known for?
– Is there a particular photo /event / client that ‘made’ their career?
– What do you like about their photographs?
– What do you think defines their style?

3. Take a selection of photos that emulate (look a lot like) those of your photographer – They might not be exactly the same, but try to copy the type of lighting, subject, angles, locations – ask if you need suggestions on how to do this

4. Please explain in a short write up (or be ready to explain when presenting):
– What did you have to do to get your shot
– What was the most difficult part of getting the shot?
– What would you do different next time?
– What new skill did you learn?
– Would you choose the same photographer again, now that you have completed the assignment?

5. Assemble for presentation:
– PowerPoint, Prezi or such. If you are shy about presenting, you can record it as a video, or voice over for your Powerpoint – up to you.
– Include your images and the photographers
– If you include your text, follow the 3×5 rule (3 bullets with no more than 5 words each)

6. Present – Time will be set and posted on the White Board.

Some Famous Photographers

You can choose from either list, or find another photographer to emulate. You DO have to sign up, so we don’t duplicate presentations!

1. Manuel Alvarez Bravo (Mexico)
2. Brassai (Paris, night shots, night life)
3. Henri Cartier-Bresson (French, the Decisive Moment)
4. Harry Callahan (Chicago, Cityscapes, portraits)
5. Robert Capa (War photographer)
6. Yann Arthus-Bertrand (French, Earth From Above)
7. Philip-Lorca diCorcia (Street people, street life)
8. James Nachtwey (War Photographer)
9. Chris Johns (National Geographic)
10. Gregory Crewdson (eerie shots of Suburbia, American loneliness)
11. Man Ray (experimental darkroom, surrealist)
12. Bruce Weber (fashion, celebrity)
13. Imogen Cunningham (portraits, nature)
14. Garry Winogrand (street photographer)
15. Antoine Verglas (contemporary fashion)
16. Lauren Greenfield (photojournalist, girl issues, sects of society)
17. Tyler Shields (portraits in context)
18. Mary Ellen Mark (unusual people portraits)
19. Minor White (nature, close-ups)
20. Alfred Stieglitz (many genres)
21. Paul Strand (many genres)
22. Doris Ulmann (portrait)
23. Donald McPherson (contemporary portrait)
24. Edward Weston (landscapes, still lifes, landscapes)
25. Edward Steichen (fashion – mid-20th Century)
26. Robert Polidori (decaying and abandoned buildings)
27. Julia Margaret Cameron (first well-known female photographer: portraits)
28. Gilles Peress (conflict photography)
29. W. Eugene Smith (photojournalist)
30. Mark Seliger (celebrity photography – unconventional)

Gallery of Samples