Use Photoshop to alter the age of a person in a photo. There are simple techniques to make someone look younger – it is harder to make them age. Learn how to do both. This is will teach you how to use layers and blending modes to really alter / improve images.



–          Take a ‘Head Shot’ photo of your parents (or someone their age – Famous or not)

o    Strong front or side lighting is best to show imperfections!

–          Use Photoshop to make them look younger

o    Use the Healing brush to remove wrinkles

o    Brighten the yellow of eyes and teeth (use layers and blending for a natural look)

o    Blur skin slightly to give better complexion

o    Remove any grey in the Hair (hardest trick – crop and try colour balance / hue)

–          Use a new version (or extra layers) to make them look older

o    Add yellow cast to eyes and teeth

o    Us the brush tool to add/deepen wrinkles and laugh lines (use new layers)

o    Find images of other people to use the clone tool

§  This allows you to add beards, skin blemishes, bald crowns

§  Place source image on a new layer

§  Clone onto new (blank) layers so you can blend the effect / change tones to match

§  Use opacity and blend modes to get the result you want

–          Place all three images side-by-side in InDesign and submit along with your PhotoShop file.



– If you can wrap your brain around it, work on both versions at the same time, cutting down on time spent cropping/selecting/masking parts of you image.

– If you mask out part of an image, you can add the mask layers to your new selections – just right-click the mask and choose the option.



KEY CRITERIA: Good originals, noticeable changes, effects on layers, blending modes used, extra versions

Create progressively older or younger images of the same person – save 2 or 3 extra versions using the same tools.

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