Key Criteria for ALL assignments:

  • Spend no more then 1 class looing for images – or you will run out of time!
  • Consistent design, font and colour scheme in all parts of project
  • Include your own designs and add creative aspects – UPC codes, trademarks, etc.
  • Make a sketch and get it approved before you start:

 GREETING CARD SET (Christmas Cards?)

Create a set of Greeting Cards around a common theme. Each Card should use a photo or design you created. Each card will also need a message or sentiment. They should all have something in common. You can be sappy, funny, risqué or abstract, but the ‘grandmother rule’ applies

  1. Decide on a Theme, and work out the text or messages.
  2. Make a list of photo ideas that would fit your theme / mood
    • Come up with ideas for at least 5 cards, each card should have at least:
      • One image & message on the front
      • A partial message and a greeting on the inside
      • A © with your name on the back (you can add your ‘brand’ as well)
  3. Create your Cards in InDesign
    • Start a new 4 page document for each card, choose a size / format you like
    • Add your images and text to each card
    • Export each card as a PDF – make sure it shows correctly
  4. Submit 5 PDF files in ONE folder that has your name in the folder name

Create Unique Content. Write your own copy, take your own photographs, create your own designs. For example, you could write poems to include in your greeting cards, or make small graphic designs elements as extras. List what content you created yourself to earn the top marks.

Explanation Video

Gallery of Samples