Signage Design

Design with purpose: Create a set of signs for a Park, Venue or Building

Creating signs for a location that are cohesive, easy to understand, attractive and have a common theme is a creative and challenging task for many Graphic Artists.


In this assignment you will create a set of signs for a venue of your choice. This could be a Building (think university or corporate campus) a park (think Stanley or QE Park) or a venue (think Playland or Granville Island). Your set of signs should meet the following criteria:
– At least 10 signs
– Common colour scheme, dimensions, and ‘look’
– At least 4 unique icons for features of your site
– Creative signage for bathrooms that is easy to understand but not the generic type
Find images of your chosen site, where you would place signage
Use your Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign skills to create your signs.
Photoshop your final designs into the photos you found.
Post your photos and sings on your Blog or website.


Create extra signage, have unique graphics and place all signs into photos

Sample Signage