PHOTO COLLAGE (Photoshop or Paper)


Use a collection of images to create a collage. You can do it all in Photoshop using layers, just resize and crop images on the computer, then print them out and create the poster on paper, or do it all from Magazine images you cut out.

  • Before you start, pick a theme, so images are not just a random jumble.
    • Theme should include the subject as well as the method / system or arranging images
    • Have your theme approved by your teacher
  • Your Collage should use a MINIMUM of 20 images – More IS Better!
    • Use photos you have taken before, or have saved, bring them from home or from Magazines
    • Don’t spend more than one Class to ‘find’ images on the WEB
    • OR: use max. one class to take number of photos with a Digital Camera
    • Remember you need ‘large’ images if you search the Web – others are NOT a good choice.
  • In Photoshop, make a 11x17in image either Horizontal or vertical.
  • Bring images in as new layers (like the action sequence).
  • Alter your images in whatever ways you like to achieve a final image you like.
    • You can make several copies and layer them,
    • You can offset / combine positive and negative images.
    • Once you are satisfied with your image, show your work and have it OK’d)

Theme Approved, quality images, edges / blending,

  • Arrange your images so that their arrangement gives a clue to their theme. This can be done by:
    • Creating a cut-out shape or mask in Photoshop to frame your images
    • Using colours, sizes, shapes or subjects to group/arrange your objects
Gallery of Samples