3D Design 1: TRAINING


To create objects on the 3D printer, you need to know how to create objects in 3D.
You will need to learn to work with a design program that creates closed shapes. Programs such as Blender and Sketchup can create designs that look good, but will not print, as the walls do not have any actual thickness, so working with them for 3D printing is actually more difficult, than working with a CAD program.

You have two options. You can work through the tutorials in Cubify, which will teach you the princples step by step, or you can use a FreeCAD and complete some of the tasks there to learn how it works. FreeCAD is the newer, moe powerfull of the two, but the tutorials are not as structured.

Work your way through some of the tutorials and save the objects you create.

This should give you an idea of what you might want to create later.
– For each model you create, Take a screen Shot and save it as jpg.


Six shapes created, three of them unique with explanations


– Create a new InDesign document, place all your images and give them labels, explaining what you did to create them

Explanation Video

FreeCAD Training

Cubify Examples