MAKING MONEY – Editorial Design (Illustrator / Photoshop)


You have learned how to work with Adobe Illustrator and see how vector graphics differ from bitmaps (like Photoshop). Now you can use Illustrator to create your own currency that uses as many of the effects you learned as possible. You will have to make the Editorial decision which pieces of information will be the largest, and which will be small and tucked away.


– Create two sided of a currency note – make it look authentic. Incorporate images, text and designs.
– Pick a denomination (value) and a theme – and the shape you want to use
– Include the following information:
– Value and name of Currency (508 Grafix Bucks would be my choice)
– ‘Bank of (your name here)’
– a picture of you PLUS at least one more image
– the year you produced the currency, and the name of the images on the bill
– The more ‘complete’ your bill the better the mark


A folder with your completed bill, PLUS all source files you used.
– use your name and block in the file name


2 sides, all elements there, quality look


Add some special ‘security’ features into your bill:

  • A serial # in two places
  • VERY small type (4pt) as a ‘security feature’ possibly as ‘text on path’ to look like a wavy line
  • Some form ‘watermark’ – semi transparent image on both sides (One side should be reversed)
Advanced Illustrator Video

Gallery of Samples