AD Photos

Cost: $9+ (if done with film)

Plan a shoot of a subject that you are going to use to create your own full page advertisement.


Re-read the text on lighting and make notes that will enable you to answer the questions on the topic of lighting a subject. Also, recall the work you did on using natural light in your earlier assignments.

  1. Shoot a 30 image roll of film (60 digital pictures) using a variety of lighting effects
    • Keep track of your lighting setups, exposure and F-stop information
  2. Develop the film and make a proof sheet of your negatives. (or InDesign Thumbnails)
  3. Make the prints you want to use and take them to the computer to scan.
  4. Develop a full page advertisement using Photoshop or InDesign.
    • Look at how lettering is used in a variety of sizes, tones and textures.
    • Look at how it is placed on a page; refer to magazines to have some sense of the use of lettering.
  5. Save multiple versions of your ideas before you finalise a decision.
  6. Submit your designs electronically
  7. Draw a lighting diagram for your best shot (use the template for this).
  • Use the digital SLR and multiple Flash heads / Studio Flash to create a variety of images.
  • Record all you settings and locations of the flash heads
  • (You will have to make 5 versions of your ad to make up for not developing / printing images)
  • – Contact Sheet (Or Digital Thumbnails)
  • – Finished Ads placed in a folder and submitted with your name and block in the file name
KEY CRITERIA: Image data, quality, variations are unique
EXTENDING: Create additional versions of your GOOD copy of your ad and submit.
Gallery of Samples