Photograph Written Response   

Looking at good photographs can help you take better pictures yourself. Looking at some award winning photos and respond to what you see.

  1. Go to and look at the ‘Winners’ photos there.
  2. Choose two photos you find interesting. They should be different from each other!
    1. Save the photos or take a screen shot
    2. Create an InDesign page (or Blog entry) to place the photo and your text
  3. Explain what you like about the photos (2 to 3 sentences each)
  4. Now choose one (unique) response topic per See the topics below
  5. Type (or write VERY neatly) a minimum of 50 words each
  1. You are watching the event being photographed. Explain in detail what you think has happened just before the photo was taken, what is happening at this moment, and what is about to happen next. Please identify (your ideas) and comment on the subjects in the image, how they have come to be there, and any action that is occurring.
  2. You are in this photo. Who/what are you? Where are you? How have you come to be here? What are you thinking?
  3. You are the journalist who has just taken this photo. Explain what you were trying to capture, commenting on the subjects, your location, the things you chose to include in the image, and why you chose this particular moment to shoot. Is there an issue that was in your mind when you composed this image?
  4. Talk about the news story that this image is connected to, and explain how well the photo captures or represents what you think is the most important aspect of this story. What choices did the photographer make in the construction of this image? Do you agree with these choices? How might you have changed the image or the parts left out or included?
KEY CRITERIA: Two different photos, explanations and good write-ups