PHOTOSHOP – Hybrid Animal


Use the cropping/selecting skills you learned in the action sequence to create your own hybrid animal in Photoshop. The final image should look plausible, and realistic, as is featured in National Geographic. The key point to this exercise is for you to get comfortable with layer masks and adjustment layers


You will need to create 2 Animals look REAL or PLAUSIBLE – check if you are not sure!
– You will need two animals
– Put them into a plausible location
– Add a short write-up on your animal as part of your image

PART 1: (Do two different animals)

• Find animal images that could go together – Spend no more than 30 minutes browsing & downloading your image
o Make sure ALL your images are at least 2 mega pixels (You can set Search tools in Google)
o Watch for the angle of the shots – the better they align, the easier it is to create your hybrid
• Combine the images in Photoshop
o Layer the two images, mask out parts in the top image and resize, rotate to fit
o Use Adjustment layers to balance light and contrast for the image to ‘work’
o Keep your original files to submit.


• Add your animal to a background (As in National Geographic) :
o Find a plausible habitat for your animal online
o Crop out your animal and place in the location
o Add title and description boxes to the page


• An InDesign File with your completed images PLUS the source photos you used to make the images


Image in layers, clean edges, alignment, consistent lighting, fast shutter, subject in focus.
Background and description added.


• Use Clone stamping to merge fur/ skin textures of your animals so they look realistic
• This will need careful blending AND possibly multiple layers / masks to look convincing.

How to Video

Gallery of Samples