Shadow Prints



Get into the Darkroom and see how the developing process works!
You will create some objects that will create a shadow and make your first images in the darkroom.
The more interesting the shapes of your objects are, the better your print will turn out.


1. Choose some interesting objects – remember you can only see the outline
2. Cut out your name, initials or personal design from some THICK or DARK paper
3. Go in the Darkroom and:
a. Take a piece of photo paper and place it (Shiny side up) under an enlarger
b. Place your objects and cut design on the photo paper
c. Expose your paper for 1-5 seconds – use the timer and Enlarger
d. Develop your paper
i. Developer = 1 minute
ii. Wash / Stop = 20 seconds
iii. Fix = 1 minute
iv. Wash = 3 minutes
4. Put your developed print on the drying rack outside the darkroom.
5. Create at least 4 different images.
6. PICK UP YOUR PRINTS AT THE END OF CLASS OR DAY, or they might be gone!
7. Choose your best image and make a positive print (See instructions by Darkroom entrance)
8. Submit 4 negatives and 1 positive together (Staple, clip, or insert into Name Card protector)


4 unique NEGATIVES, 1 POSITIVE. Images have no blemishes and are developed evenly


Use Objects that show their three dimensional shape.
This means there should be some lighter and darker shadows visible
(you will need irregular shaped objects like key rings and longer developing times)


– Keep bags of photo paper folded and INSIDE the light safes
– Take only one sheet at a time
– NO WET OBJECTS NEXT TO ENLARGERS – wet part of room is the inside island
– Tongs stay with trays, so everyone can use them!

How to Guide & Video

Gallery of Samples