Vector Intro / Map

Introduction to Illustrator &
CREATE A MAP – Information Design


Learn the basic tools of Adobe Illustrator, so that you can work with text and shapes.
– This will help you create Designs for projects later in the course.
Try out all the tools and Methods (see the Booklet or Website) and save all examples on one page
Then create a map, using the tools you learned to use.

A. TEXT -. Use your name for ALL the required parts below.

1. Create Text ( Different fonts, sizes and colours for different letters)
2. Modify Text (Rotate, (Skip the Shear), add a shadow – type a new name and add 3-D)
3. Special Text (Fit text to a path you create – use it at least 3 times)

B. SHAPES – Try to use simple shapes for each of the required parts below.

1. Distort Shapes (At least 3 different shapes – skip the shear tool!)
2. Combine Shapes (Create at least 4 different Shapes)
3. Cut and Erase (Use both tools and move the parts apart)
4. Blending Shapes (Create a transition with 9 steps)
5. Blending Colours (Use at least 4 colours in your Gradient)
6. Clipping Mask (You should see an image inside YOUR name!)

C. Create a Map of YOUR neighbourhood

Include a large enough area, so your map shows:
o The nearest Community Centre or Library.
o At Least one Corner Store or Restaurant
o A park or School
o Street Names
Choose symbols and a Key as needed to make a legend in one corner of your map.
o Choose colours for different types of places, Bus routes and roads


All items there, professional look


Add Transit information (Stops, Routes) and make sure this is reflected in your Key / Legend.

PDF Guide
Completed Task

NOTE: Graphic 1 students do NOT make the Logs, those are for Graphics 2!

How to Video

Map Video Instructions

Gallery of Samples