Get your Adobe License

ADOBE LICENCE CONSENT REQUIRED As part of the course, you will get a full license to Adobe CC (Illustrator / Photoshop and so much more).

As Adobe keeps information on US servers, you will need to give your consent, before I can add you to those who have licenses. Please follow the link below and complete the consent forms, so you can use Adobe both in the classroom and at home!

Go To:

Do not use the Login on the first screen, but click on: Login as staff-students in the upper right corner. or the three lines if using your phone

Complete ALL the forms (or revoke if you prefer to use alternate software). Once done, this process of consent will make your VSB ID visible to Adobe and we can give you access to a license. Thanks for taking care of this right away, and get ready to be creative

The NEXT DAY you can then go to creative cloud and download any of the applications there (I have to give you the license first)