Action Sequence

Photoshop – Action Sequence


You will be combining a set of at least 6 images you shot with a digital SLR camera into an action sequence.


– Sequence of 6 Action Photographs – shot with a TRIPOD!


–          Pick up a Booklet so you know what you will be doing.

–          Get a Digital SLR and a TRIPOD

–          Set the camera on MANUAL focus and exposure

–          Find a location where you have enough room to move ACROSS the image, and there is ENOUGH LIGHT

–          Have your subject stand in the middle of the shot and FOCUS and ADJUST EXPOSURE

–          Think of an action and take at least two sequences of shots

o    TIP: Use actions that move across the screen, not towards the camera

o    Take several series WITHOUT moving the camera – this will give you more choice later!

o    Camera speed should be at least 1/250 – blurry Images are NOT acceptable!

PHOTO 2 or 3:

–          Shoot a second sequence at the same location, or place yourself in 6 spots around the site.

–          You could also shoot the second set of photos placing yourself in random locations, or interacting with yourself.

–          Make a combined image of both sequences – you will need 12 layers!

o    Photoshop file of your combines images that uses AT LEAST 6 layers.

o    Crop all edges cleanly

o    Check that all overlap looks natural

o    Make sure the background looks consistent

o    Follow the steps in the hand-out to make a combined image

–          Save the Photoshop (.PSD) file (I want to be able to see all layers)

KEY CRITERIA: Image in layers, clean edges, alignment, consistent lighting, fast shutter, subject in focus

CHALLENGE: Include shadows in your images, to help the image look ‘real’

How to Guide & Video

Gallery of Samples