Skills Review

SKILLS REVIEW – Photo Production

Counts as two assignments: 2&3


You should know how to take a roll of film, develop, print, scan the photos, then modify the images in Photoshop and submit them electronically using InDesign. This assignment shows me that you know what you are doing.
This project should refresh your skills from pervious courses, and show me what you can do. I am available to answer questions, but if you are NOT able to complete this assignment within the given time, you might be asked to switch to Photo 11, where you will learn all the required skills.


• Think of a photographic theme
• Get the idea approved
o My idea:
. Teacher ok: _____
• Take at least 20 photographs (Keep track of exposure times and F Stops) – Sheet on back
• Print your contact sheet – Show to your teacher for making.
• Print your best 8 pictures
• Scan photos, adjust them in Photoshop for brightness, contrast, etc to make them PERFECT
• Create a MULTIPAGE document in InDesign and place your 8 photos.
• Add some captions to your photos, that explain your theme and give details about the shots
o Subject and a bit of background
o Camera, Lens, F-stop and exposure time information
o What was done in Photoshop
 Example: Two little kids during outside Playtime at the KCC
 Pentax K1000, 50mm; F2.8; 1/250
 Contrast and brightness adjusted in Photoshop CS5
• Add backgrounds or borders to your pages for the ‘TOP TEN” percent of marks.
• Submit ELECTRONICALLY to ‘SUBMIT’ folder
• Complete the Evaluation, hand in Original prints.


– Photographic theme (panhandlers on Broadway, Hastings Bus at 4pm, etc. )
– Photographic Elements, or some other subject for school (Science Class, PE)
– Any others? – Try me! – You are able to sign out cameras overnight if you have good idea.

Assignment 2 KEY CRITERIA:

Clear contact sheet shows 20 images, List of photos details complete

Assignment 3 KEY CRITERIA:

Good prints, made better on computer, document created in InDesign


Add backgrounds or borders to our pages, which go well with the theme of your project

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