Use Part 1 of your Pivot animation to show you can control timing of frames.


– Choose a sequence of about 30 frames from your animation
– Delete the rest and save your pivot file with a new name.
– ‘Save as’ the sequence as individual .jpg frames
– Import frames into Animator or stop Motion Pro THREE TIMES in a row and set the frame rate to 60fps

  • Change the timing of your animation by changing the number of frames.
  • Create THREE different sequences (one for each set of images)
    1. A simple scene, where every frame is used once. (Use each frame 4 times)
    2. A scene where action gets progressively slower after an impact (increase # of frames) AND STOPS
    3. A scene where action speeds up for a few frames after an impact, then goes back to normal (first use fewer frames, and then increase them again)
  • Changes in speed should be clearly visible.
  • Use a frame rate of 60fps and start by using each frame 4 times for a 15fps clip
  • Things that speed up will use FEWER frames, slower action MORE frames
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