Vector Graphics – Marketing & Branding (Illustrator / Photoshop)

You have learned how to work with Illustrator. Now it is time to put your skills to use. Your job is to create a logo and uniform for a team of your choice. You can work on improving an existing team’s logo, or make your own ‘dream team’

  • Create a LOGO for your team. You can start with existing images and add to them, or do your own.
    • You CAN do some work in Photoshop then bring your login into AI to create the uniform.
    • Include a MASCOT, NAME and some GRAPHICS
  • Use a template for the sport of your choice and design the UNIFORM.
    • Place your logo in at least two places
    • Include a NUMBER and NAME of the player (YOU) on the back of the Jersey
    • Choose a colour scheme (for both home and away for top ten points) that works with your design.
  • TIPS:
    • If complex shapes are giving you grief, do the short pen tool tutorial to refresh your skills!
    • Use ‘Object / Path / Divide objects below’ to split your jersey into segments you can colour individually

‘Export’ your completed template as a JPG file and submit along with your Illustrator and/or Photoshop files, so I can see the finished project as well as how you made it.

  • Mascot unique, matches name.
  • Uniforms made complex and match logo colours
  • Create the second version of your Design (home / away).
    •  Use a contrasting colour (light / dark)
    • Maintain the overall look of your team’s design
How to Video

Example of Task

Completed Designs