Your actions will be the reference point for your animation. First shoot a video clip of an action, and then recreate that action with your character, using the Rotoscoping (overlay) feature to match animation to video.


• Watch the Rotoscoping samples on the website or google it!
• Plan an action where your feet can remain stationary, but your upper body moves. You can use props!
• Pipe cleaners and foam balls are supplied, but you can also create characters from your own materials

• Step 1 – Planning: (Answer the following six questions and make a storyboard)
• Think about the Character and what you want to display
1. What Emotion does your Character display?
2. How would the action show personality or intent?
3. Characterization – what motivates your character?
• Act out your motion both quickly and slowly to figure out the points below.
4. What natural / physical forces will affect your motion?
5. What motivates your character (physically)?
6. Moving in slow motion, what are (at least) 6 stages in your motion?
(Have someone else do the same motion to watch and compare)
• Make a storyboard, showing the steps in question #6
• Create your character – your choice of material – but make sure they can do your action
• Pipecleaner characters whose feet can the tacked down are some of the best to use here!

Step 2 – Set up the Shoot:
• Shoot the video of yourself doing the action – remember to overact / exaggerate your movements!
• Connect a Webcam, open Stop Motion Pro and set up your character in so you can fix feet in one location.
• Import your reference video and Synch up for rotoscoping.
• Animate your Character with Attitude! Create any props you need
• Your character should overact your own motions.

Step 3 – Show for marking:
• Show the synched video to your instructor for grading, so both can be seen when in synch.


Explain your characters motivation, video shows intent, character matches


Add Sound, Credits, or other special effects for additional marks.

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