Water Photography


Water is everywhere in photography and it presents many challenges. There are reflections and movements to work with and in this exercise, you will take a deeper look at water.

Find water anywhere: lakes, streams, puddles, even the glass on your kitchen table.

Pay attention to reflections and use them to your advantage in the photographs.

NOTE: Use this opportunity to get familiar with a polarizing filter (a very useful tool in your camera kit) so you can accentuate or eliminate reflections.

Play with the motion of a stream or the crashing waves. Notice the difference between stopping the flow of water and allowing it to blur to create a real sense of movement.

Be sure to make water the subject and not an accent to the image. Water alone is beautiful and mysterious and your challenge is to explore all of its potential as a subject.

At least EIGHT EXCELLENT images that cover ALL of the categories below – some will have more than one element – you can always submit more.

Water ‘stopped’ with fast shutter
Water ‘soft’ with slow shutter
Water staged (in your house) soft, stopped or both
Droplets on Glass, both in focus and as blurred foreground
Rain – with puddles, umbrellas or other ideas
Reflection in Water
Water ‘see through’ – right lighting or polarizer

How to Video:
Gallery of Samples