Spoof Ad

MAKE A SPOOF AD (or Magazine Cover)



When advertisers try to sell you something, they hire an agency to solicit proposals, or because they have a ‘vision’ in mind. For this assignment you need to make a SPOOF ad, so you need to know what you want to make fun of, and how you can MODIFY a design or concept BEFORE  you go into production.


– A sample ad (or magazine cover) you will spoof or recreate in a humorous way.

– A proposal explaining what part of the ad you plan to spoof – Approved before you start.

– A complete ad that incorporates graphics, some text, and possibly some photos.


  • Find an ad (or magazine cover) you want to spoof / modify in some way – on-line or in magazines
    • See the Ad Busters site or my COWSMOPOLITAN magazines
  • Complete the proposal, and have it approved by your teacher.
    • What is your ORIGINAL ad about?
  • What techniques are they using, what mood, colours effects etc?
  • What are you recreating or spoofing?
  • Who do you intend to change / how do you plan to make your point? (OR what do you need to do in order to have the same look as the original?)
  • Take some photos
    • Your ad (or magazine cover) should use photos you have taken
    • Keep all images to submit, regardless of whether you used them or not
  • Create / modify your designs
    • You can edit the original ad (or magazine cover) in Photoshop
    • Changes should be significant enough to warrant taking 4 classes to do assignment.
  • Design your ad (or magazine cover), using Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator
  • Submit your completed ad (or magazine cover) and ‘inspiration’ pieces all in one folder.

 KEY CRITERIA: Written Plan and Explanation, look maintained, Complexity, Photography

Photo 11 & 12: THINKING:

  • Show your finished ad to a classmate and get their response – record their response
    • Is the spoof clear?
    • What could have been done better?
  • If you have time, take their suggestion and make the change!
Video Explanation

Gallery of Samples