Fly-by in SMP

Create a Live Action animation with rigging in Stop Motion Pro.

Learn how to use STOP MOTION PRO, to shoot live images straight into the animation software and then remove any rigging used to make your object or character fly.
Because SMP has onion skinning, you will be able to see each previous frame (much like in Pivot / CreaToon)


Getting Ready:
– Watch the STOP MOTION PRO tutorials and samples, so you know what it possible and involved.
– Create a simple object or character that you will make fly.
o If you us a paper airplane, make sure to colour it!
o Any character used in the ‘Exploration’ assignment can work.
o Decide on a neutral background you will use to shoot, so you can be consistent each class.
– Create some rigging (Wire, String, Fishing Line) that will allow your character to fly.
– Each Team member needs their own character.
o ½ the members characters need to fly, the other half react to the Fly-by
– Set up a webcam and start SMP
– Use the rigging and onion skinning to make sure your animation is smooth.
– Remember to have ½ the characters react to the fly-by
– Remove Rigging using the tools in SMP – make sure to set the format of your tool so you will be able to see the frames

Marks will be based on quality (smoothness) of the animation and the realistic reaction of the other characters to the fly-by. The more members are on a team, the longer the animation needs to be!


One character per person realism, complexity, good cleanup of rigging


Add Sound: Complete your animation and record a sound file as it plays, then combine files in Moviemaker.

How to Guide & Video

Gallery of Samples

Sample Flyby – Youtube Link    More on the Kits Graphics YouTube Site