My Work



Create a portfolio of some of your best photos. Organize theme, style or format, and try to find what they have in common. There might be two or three categories, but you do have to find some commonalities


  1. Pick a minimum of 20 your own photos to include in your portfolio
  2. Also collect 5 or more photos that inspire your work
  3. List some ideas and keywords that you could use to group your images
  4. Group images by the keywords and place them in an InDesign document, along with their inspiration images (Or create a Website or Blog for this)
  5. Add captions that:
    • Explain the when and where you took your image
    • Explain how you think they fit with the keywords
    • Explain how the extra photos inspired your own work
  6. Show your finished project to a classmate and have them respond
    • Do the photos fit the categories, and do they have a common look? Explain.
    • Is there another theme or style you notice that is not listed in the captions?

 KEY CRITERIA: Good set of images, well explained, response from classmate