Making Buttons (or stickers) in Illustrator: Promotional Design


Promotional Design is used to sell. Objects, Events, Elections, Ideas. What will YOU sell?

Design for a cause: Pick an issue that matters to you, decide on images that work for your cause, then start designing.

Crate at least 5 button designs, using the design tools you have learned.

These could make a great present for friends!

  1. Plan your Message (You can do that on this sheet below)
    1. What is the Cause you are promoting?
    2. What images support your Cause or Message
    3. Any key words?
  2. You can use other software you like, but you have to be able to show HOW you made the images.
    1. Images have to be YOUR creation (not downloaded)
    2. Submit RAW files (Photoshop layers, uncombined vector images, etc..)
  3. If you want the buttons printed, place them in the correct Photoshop template
  4. Submit your designs for marking and printing on the colour printer.
  5. If you want to make EXTRA buttons, they cost $.50 each for the hardware and colour printing.


  • Your Plan (#1 Above)
  • 5 different button designs
  • All images should fit the template for the button size of your choice
  • Submit files for printing – Use your Name & Block in Name, so they do not get deleted by accident

KEY CRITERIA: Overall impression, complexity, effort, neat ideas,

EXTENDING: Your Message is clear and your classmates ‘get it’
Illustrator Line Art Video

Button Making Video
Start at 1:20 for button making part – first part is about paper types and template sizing

Gallery of Samples