Vector Graphics Basics


Learn / review the tools of Adobe Illustrator, so that you can work with text and shapes. – This will help you create Logos and Designs for projects later in the course.


Try out all the tools and Methods (see the Booklet & Poster) and save all examples on one page
Then create two Logos, using shapes and the modified shapes of text.
A. TEXT -. Use your name for ALL the required parts below.
1. Create Text ( Different fonts, sizes and colours for different letters)
2. Modify Text (Rotate, 3D, add a shadow)
3. Special Text (Fit text to a path you create – use it at least 3 times)
B. SHAPES – Try to use simple shapes for each of the required parts below.
4. Distort Shapes (At least 3 different shapes)
5. Combine Shapes (Create at least 4 different Shapes)
6. Cut and Erase (Use both tools and move the parts apart)
7. Blending Shapes (Create a transition with 9 steps)
8. Blending Colours (Use at least 4 colours in your Gradient)
9. Clipping Mask (You should see an image inside YOUR name!)
1. – Complete the Pen tool template, to learn this most powerful tool!
D. CREATE  text based Logos
• Use the designs you created on paper in the last assignment
• Create TWO logos using shapes to make letters, or by modifying the nodes of letters.
• Review the Golden Ration Logo video from Graphics 1 to see use of the shape builder too.

• Use as many tools from part A above as you can

• Turn text into outlines to use the shape and node editing tools from part B as well


Use your Name and block in the file name.


Effects used correctly, with required steps. Quality and complexity of logo.

PDF Guide

How to Video

Completed Task