Independent Study

INTRODUCTION: Write a Proposal for a project.


Treat this sheet as if you were ‘Pitching’ the idea to your Editor at a magazine you are working for.

Cover the following points, including setting the Criteria by which the project will be marked.

You will need criteria for both process (the HOW) and Presentation (the WHAT) and you should give yourself clear goals.

The more information you put on this sheet, the easier your project will be.


1. What are the subject matter / areas of study of your project?

2. How much time will you need for this project?

              Shooting / Production          —-

              Presentation                        —-

3. What materials, Equipment and other resources will you need to do this project?

4. What is the relevance of this project? / How does it connect with your learning, environment, society?

5. What do you hope to achieve with this project? / What do you hope to learn from the project?

6. How will the project be presented? In Class, Poster, Display, Book? Explain in Detail.

7. How will you evaluate your success?

            a. Set up criteria for the project

            b. At what stage will you collect feedback from your peers and instructor?

            c. How/when will you revise the content to reflect the feedback?

8. Have your plan approved BEFORE YOU START!