What is Graphic Art


Graphic Art is the use of images and text, alone or in combination, to communicate information, to promote something, to editorialize, or to create a feeling.
Information design: Informs and identities
Incorporates logos symbols. diagrams. maps, charts, letterheads, pictograms, timelines
Editorial design: The design and layout of pages in print material
Includes things like magazines, newspapers, books, reports, newsletters.
Promotional design: Encourages sales of products. by means of persuasion
Includes things like advertising, displays, brochures, flyers, posters, cover designs, packaging….
NOTE: You can find elements of each category in most things you look at, but you have to think of the PURPOSE of the object to decide which category if DESIGN it fits into.!

  • Find TWO examples of EACH of these types of Design IN YOUR HOME.(Not just in Magazines)
  • You can have multiple types of design in one object.
  • Attach labels that explain the types of Design and where you see them..
  • Do any of your samples fit in all three of these categories?.
    • YES – Explain how this works. i.e. Which element of the design belongs to which category.
    • NO – Explain what is missing / could be added to show all three elements
  • Mount your Examples, the answers to your questions and complete the self evaluation.

6 good samples with explanations. Q 4 answered well, mounted / presented


Present your examples in a creative way, using the examples as part of your design

Video Explanation

Gallery of Samples