– This is an individual project, but you need help of another photographer.
Create a set of images where you appear to be floating in midair. Not jumping – FLOATING!


Think about a type of position that can make you look like you are floating – if you are great at creative jumping you can try to do this, but most people will need to use a tripod and a bit of Photoshop

Set Up:

1. Camera on tripod
2. Set camera to manual everything (Time, Aperture, WHITE BALANCE, ISO)
3. Set the camera to a fast shutter (at least 1/125) and find the matching aperture. Focus on where you will be ‘floating’
4. Take a photo of the scene with NOTHING in it.
5. Set up your support and take one photo
* you will use this to help you get rid of shadows in Photoshop
6. Get yourself ‘floating’ in one photo
* Take several poses so you can choose the best

Create the finished image Photoshop

1. Open all images in Photoshop and select Window/Arrange/Tile
2. Hold down shift and drag all photos on top of the ‘blank’ image, close the other files
3. Turn off the eyeball of the photo of your support material
4. Select the supporting material in your ‘floating’ image and delete it
5. If shadows look strange, use the image of the prop without you to figure out what you need to delete, and what to keep
6. Make sure you look like you are floating


– Your BEST THREE images of you floating not jumping


Good photos and ideas, floating not jumping

GRADE 11 & 12: Response & Critique:

Ask one of your classmates to look at your images from this assignment and respond to the questions below.

Record their answers and see if you want to make any changes to your image:

  • Which is the best image of this set?
  • Does the image look convincing?
  • What is the mood of the image?
  • What would make the image better?
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