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Applying the Golden Ratio – Illustrator Logo


Us the Golden Ratio to design a simple, clean logo. You will need a simple sketch and work in Illustrator to create your design.
You will learn not just to apply PHI, but how to use simple shapes to create very complex ones in Illustrator.


1. Watch the Illustrator Tutorial, so you understand how to create Circles based on PHI and how to make complex shapes
2. Choose a Team, Company, Product or idea that you will create a logo for.
Note: you will use this logo on the uniform you will be designing so a team or sponsor makes the most sense.
3. Make a simple sketch of your logo and get it approved
4. Scan your image
5. Design your logo in Illustrator
• Create a set of circles, by increasing the size by PHI
• Import your sketch and lock it, so it does not move
• Use the circles to ‘trace’ your sketch – be careful not to resize the circles.
• Use the Shape builder tool to create your logo
6. Make 4 variations of your logo, using different colours and Text.

Rough Sketch initialed, Logo uses only curves, 4 variations in colour / text

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