Paint Light


INTRODUCTION – This is a GROUP project

Create a sequence of images with painted light that tell a short story, then turn this into an animated GIF.


In your group, decide on an idea and write it out in ONE sentence, then sketch out a storyboard for what you will try to shoot
Get your idea OK’d and get a camera and tripod
Set Up:
1. Camera on tripod
2. In a lit environment frame your object and focus
3. Set the camera to manual setting, set ISO 100
4. Slow shutter speed- 20+sec with small aperture f-22
5. Turn the lights off
6. Press the shutter release, paint with light

Create an animated GIF in Photoshop
1. Open all images in Photoshop and select Window/Arrange/Tile
2. Hold down shift and drag all photos into one file, close the other files
3. Arrange layers into the sequence you want to use and select Window/Timeline, then choose ‘Frame Animation’
4. Create new frames each time you change the image
5. When done select File/Export/‘Save for web’
• change image size to less than 1000×1000
• Choose looping ‘forever’
• You can preview if you like
• Save as format: “images only” to get an animated GIF


– Your written Idea and Storyboard, the images you took and the completed animated GIF – all in one folder


Idea, Storyboard, variety of images, complete GIF

GRADE 11/12:

Write a short reflection (2-3 paragraphs) on the process and group work involved. Reflect critically about your experience.

Gallery of Samples