Paint Light


INTRODUCTION – This is a GROUP project

Create a sequence of images with painted light that tell a short story, then turn this into an animated GIF.


In your group, decide on an idea and write it out in ONE sentence, then sketch out a storyboard for what you will try to shoot
Get your idea OK’d and get a camera and tripod
Set Up:
1. Camera on tripod
2. In a lit environment frame your object and focus
3. Set the camera to manual setting, set ISO 100
* Use low ISO number to ensure the camera picks up on the low light source. This will help to prevent your image from getting any distracting noise or grain, which can lower the image quality
4. Slow shutter speed- 20+sec with small aperture f-22
* This will ensure the shutter is open long enough to record all of the light and that the whole image will be in focus
5. Turn the lights off
6. Press the shutter release, paint with light
* Be creative and have fun 

Create an animated GIF in Photoshop
1. Open all images in Photoshop and select Window/Arrange/Tile
2. Hold down shift and drag all photos into one file, close the other files
3. Arrange layers into the sequence you want to use and select Window/Animation
4. In the timeline trim each layer to just show for a short time
• Use ‘trim’ commands in top right corner of window
• Drag and drop start and end of each layer
5. When done select ‘Save for web & Devices’
• change image size to less than 1000×1000
• Choose looping ‘forever’
• You can preview if you like
• Save as format: “images only” to get an animated GIF


– Your written Idea and Storyboard, the images you took and the completed animated GIF – all in one folder


Idea, Storyboard, variety of images, complete GIF


Write a short reflection (2-3 paragraphs) on the process and group work involved. Reflect critically about your experience.

Gallery of Samples