Photo THEME in History


Pick a photography THEME you have noticed in many photos, then look at phots and images from the past, to see how far back you can find that same theme. What do you learn from this?

Tip: the more that is happening in your photo, the easier it will be to make connections to other images.


  1. Pick a THEME you would like to investigate – this could be a topic, mood or particular look in the photo
  2. List image ideas and keywords that you connect with your style
  3. Find images that fit the criteria for your theme – if you can not find the older ones, try to see what might be a substitute
    • At least two images that are recent
    • At least one image from 50 years ago (1970s)
    • At least one image from 100 years ago (1920s)
    • At least one image 150 years or older
    • Bonus: Classic image (Greek, Roman or Egyptian)
  4. Place your images in InDesign and add captions that:
    • Explain the source and origins of your image
    • Explain how you think they fit your theme
  5. Show your finished project to a classmate and have them respond
    • Is the explained theme present in all the photos?
    • What is missing or could be improved?

 KEY CRITERIA: Good set of images, well explained, response from classmate