PHOTOSHOP TRICKS #2 –Focus, Liquify, Retouch.


Learn 4 advanced tasks in Photoshop. For each you might have to take a photo to work with, but each task should be completed in one class. Check the online tutorials for details.


For all of these tasks keep a copy of the original image on the bottom layer of your file for reference.

  • Tilt Swift or Depth of Field
    • Change the depth of field of your image, to give it the appearance of a miniature
    • This works by creating exaggerated drop-off in depth of field focusing.
    • Use a gradient Alpha Channel to control Depth of field in an image
  • Perspective Lens Correction
    • Adjust distortion in an architectural photo
    • You might have to take a photo you can work with (looking up at a building)
    • Make sure to keep your original for reference!
  • Liquify
    • Add Muscles or distort someone’s face
    • Much of your time will be spent figuring out how to use the tool effectively
    • Create one GOOD image, but save some of your other attempts (mistakes) as well!.
    • Aim to make an image that is still plausible but definitely modified.
  • Retouch (Makeup / Remove Wrinkles)
    • Learn how to clone and draw onto new layers, which allow you to blend results
    • Great for removing parts of an image or for cosmetic fixes
    • Work with MANY layers and save them all.
    • You should have at least 6 layers when done
    • You can always turn them ‘off’ if you do not like the results

Bonus: Create one image where the person looks older, by adding wrinkles, more yellow in eyes / teeth and spots on skin.


1 Completed image for each task
All source files in one folder for reference
Everything submitted as one folder with you name and block in the folder name.

Tilt Swift Focus drop-off exaggerated / or Using Alpha Channel in DOF
Lens Correction Lines Parallel, size corrected
Liquify Result is plausible but strange
Retouch Adjustments and changes on at least 6 or more layers, original intact
How to Guide & Video

Gallery of Samples
Depth of Field / Tilt Swift
Fixing Perspective
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