Movie Poster Design – Photoshop



Create a Movie Poster that is about YOU, or at least partially so. You will use existing images off the web, combined with your own text to create a poster that reflects you, an experience or aspiration of yours.
This will help you learn / review the tools of Adobe Photoshop, so that you can work with text and images, and give me chance to find out what you know.


• Write a synopsis of a movie poster you would like to make (at least 50 words)
• Movie should relate to some aspect of your life, dreams or aspirations
• Do not use images ‘as is’, make sure you have manipulated them
• Use a minimum of 5 layers of images and 2 layers of text

As you put together your poster, think about:
• How does the image portray what the movie is about?


A folder with your Name and block folder name. INCLUDE all source files.


Synopsys, complexity, PS tools used, good use of tezt


Add effects to Text (Drop shadows, glows, etc)
• Add extra text to make it look like a REAL poster (Plain black credits, etc at bottom)


Gallery of Samples