PHOTOSHOP TRICKS #1 – Working with Layers


Learn a few quick tasks in Photoshop. There are tutorial videos for each of these tasks.


Duotone Image
– Convert an image into greyscale (Image/Mode/Greyscale)
– Re-introduce a bit of colour by creating a Duotone (Image/Mode/Duotone – switch to Duotone and choose colours)

HDR (Camera RAW)
– Take a set of photos with bracketed exposures (once ‘correct’ and 2 over and 2 underexposed)
– Start in Adobe BRIDGE and NOT in Photoshop.
– Combine them using ‘Tools/Photoshop/Merge to HDR’, save as TIFF thenmodify this file in Camera Raw – follow the tutorial

– Use Image/Adjustemts/Exposure to create a ‘blown out’ image
– Starting with just the ‘right’ image will be key here

Levels Layers
– Improve your image by finding the perfect white and Black points to correct the curve
– This works best on a photo that is over- or under-exposed. Perfect images off the web will not work.
– This is the basic skill that will work with the all other tasks that involve masking.

Selective B&W
– Leave colour in just part of your image for effect
– Start with a colour image, select out the part you want to keep in colour
– Invert the selection and turn the rest of the image into B&W, using an adjustment layer.
– Add or subtract to the Adjustment Layer Mask for effect.


1 Completed image for each task
All source files


Effects are clearly visible, HDR photos well taken – create TWO versions of your HDR image – one with very even tone and all detail visible, the other very vivid and abstract.

How to Videos

–  FALL 2020: YOU CAN SKIP THE HDR TASK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TRIPOD (Bonus points if you can do it!)

Gallery of Samples

More Examples