PHOTOSHOP TRICKS #1 – Working with Layers


Learn a few quick tasks in Photoshop. There are tutorial hand-outs for each of these tasks.


Duotone Image
– Convert an image into greyscale (Image/Mode/Greyscale)
– Re-introduce a bit of colour by creating a Duotone (Image/Mode/Duotone – switch to Duotone and choose colours)

HDR (Camera RAW) –  FALL 2020: YOU CAN SKIP THIS TASK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TRIPOD (Bonus points if you can do it!)
– Take a set of photos with bracketed exposures (once ‘correct’ and 2 over and 2 underexposed)
– Start in Adobe BRIDGE and NOT in Photoshop.
– Combine them using ‘File/Automate/Merge to HDR’
– Use the sliders to get the best effect – follow the tutorial

– Use the QUICK FIX (levels) task to create a ‘blown out’.
– Starting with just the ‘right’ image will be key here

Levels Layers
– Improve your image by finding the perfect white and Black points to correct the curve
– This works best on a photo that is over- or under-exposed. Perfect images off the web will not work.
– This is the basic skill that will work with the all other tasks that involve masking.

Selective B&W
– Leave colour in just part of your image for effect (as in assignment 10)
– Start with a colour image, select out the part you want to keep in colour
– Invert the selection and turn the rest of the image into B&W, using an adjustment layer.
– Add or subtract to the Adjustment Layer Mask for effect.


1 Completed image for each task
All source files in one folder for reference
Everything submitted as one folder with you name and block in the folder name.


Effects are clearly visible, HDR photos well taken


Try to create TWO versions of your HDR image – one with very even tone and all detail visible, the other very vivid and abstract.

How to Videos

–  FALL 2020: YOU CAN SKIP THE HDR TASK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TRIPOD (Bonus points if you can do it!)

Gallery of Samples

More Examples